Bopping Heads

If you’re looking for a team building activity or entertainment option that is hilarious, fun and guaranteed to be truly memorable then look no further than Bopping Heads.

This activity will have teams rolling on the floor with laughter and will have them out of their comfort zones and creating a truly unforgettable experience.

Here’s how it works, teams will be given two opportunities to make a music video which will be judged by their peers and our facilitator.  Teams will be required to;

  • Decide together which song to perform by picking from one of hundreds of songs and then pick a matching outfit in keeping with the theme of the song using different hats, sunglasses and wigs. Teams must give this some thought in order to maximise points.
  • The team will then sit in front of the camera with a green cape around them which will only showcase their heads. The music starts, we then superimpose each team members larger than life heads onto the bodies of professional dancers in a music video clip.
  • Each team member must then work together and learn to “Bop” their heads in time whilst making as many crazy facial expressions as possible. Of course the funnier and more in sync the team is the more points they are awarded.  Of course if the teams know the words to the song and can lip sync in time more points are awarded.
  • Whilst the team is performing their song, the other teams are watching and judging the performance but are also in fits of laughter watching their work colleagues operating outside their comfort zones and taking some risks whilst having an absolute blast in the process.
  • Once the song is finished the next team is up to record their very own performance whilst the other teams judge them.

This activity is so much fun and best of all anyone can do it.  Bopping Heads can be incorporated into your conference as an ice-breaker, team building activity or as some fun entertainment at a gala dinner. It not only creates a positive shared experience but also has the WOW factor that is guaranteed to create a buzz for the remainder of your function or event and best of all we give you a master DVD of all the performances.

Additional Options

An added option for this team building program is to incorporate our live judging system. This enables teams to use wireless remotes to instantly score each teams performance which is instantly displayed on the big screen for teams to see exactly where they sit on the leader board.  This provides for some fun, exciting and often nail biting moments as teams change their strategy for their 2nd performances in order to climb the leader board to do whatever it takes to win the coveted Bopping Heads title as best performer!

Minimum and Maximum time required

Minimum Duration: 1 hour (depending on the size of the group)

Maximum Duration: 4 hours (depending on the size of the group)

Suggested Minimum  and Maximum Group Size

Minimum Group Size: 8

Maximum Group Size: 100+

Activity level and type of group this is suited to

This activity is fun, hilarious and can literally be enjoyed by anyone.


Minimum amount$1,100
or From$48 per person


  • Master DVD of all performances
  • Props (hats, wigs, glasses etc)
  • Equipment inspection, allocation, delivery and setup
  • Program design and documentation
  • Professional facilitators
  • Onsite support, liaison with event planners/co-ordinators
  • Back office support staff
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Comprehensive public liability insurance for up to $20,000,000
  • Scoring and review of the program
  • GST (Goods and Services Tax)


  • Live judging system with wireless buzzers (optional extra)
  • Big Screen projector (Optional extra)
  • Trophies and or prizes (can be arranged upon request)
  • Professional video and photography (can be organised upon request)
  • Experiential learning workshops (available upon request)
  • Accommodation, Food and Transfers



Tropical North Queensland

Sunshine Coast


Gold Coast


Northern Rivers

Blue Mountains

Southern Highlands

Hunter Valley

Byron Bay


Coffs Harbour






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Limestone Coast

Flinders Rangers

Barossa Valley




We currently run this exciting and fun team building event or entertainment option in locations like those listed above but also operate in many other places as we can easily transport this activity and operate it anywhere in Australia. In fact we will travel anywhere, anytime to infuse some fun and adventure into your group, just contact us for more details.


We can tailor any program to suit your requirements, outcomes and of course budget. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a fixed price quote.


We will try to be as flexible with any changes you may have prior to your event.   If you need to cancel your event and it is more than 14 days from the scheduled date and you choose not to reschedule it, we reserve the right to retain 25% of the total fixed price amount or

If you choose to cancel your event and it is less than 14 days from the scheduled event and you choose not to reschedule it we reserve the right to retain 60% of the total fixed price amount or

If you choose to cancel the event on the day for any reason including weather, we reserve the right to retain 100% of the total fixed price amount.