BumperFoosDodge Ball!


Team building, social, corporate groups, bucks or birthday party goers,

Get Ready for a real BumperFoosDodge encounter!!

This hilarious to watch and thrilling play event is filled with three great activities.  

1. Giant Foosball: This is a highly interactive, fun and adventurous activity guaranteed to create a truly memorable experience.

The popular table game Foosball has now been made into a life-size fun activity. This game is very interactive, hilarious to watch and play and best of all you don’t need any special skills, just a desire to have fun. What makes it so popular is that it can literally be enjoyed by anyone. You don’t need any special sporting skills or athletic abilities. Man, woman, child, old or young it doesn’t matter your all competing on a level playing field!

Each participant puts on a waist harness enabling them to only move from side to side or left to right just like the popular table soccer game. The teams have to overcome these restrictions by synchronising their movements. Imagine the ball is to the right, your first instinct is to run to it, but wait, you are attached to up to two other people, if you don’t communicate and work as a team then the other team may get to the ball first and score. Teamwork and communication are essential to pass the ball successfully between team members so you can score.

If one ball in play isn’t enough then we’ll mix it up with two! Now it’s utter chaos! Who has eyes in the back of their heads! Which ball do we go for first! Which team can adapt the best to the constantly changing environment!

2. Bumper Balls: This high octane activity is guaranteed to get the blood pumping as teams  battle it out in a series of fun games. There is a variety of bumper activities to choose from, each is very interactive, hilarious to watch and play and requires minimal skill to have fun. What makes it so popular is that it can literally be enjoyed by anyone. You don’t need any special sporting skills or athletic abilities; everyone competes on a level playing field!

There are three games to pick from:-

Bump Rush – It’s time for teams to run the gauntlet!  Do you have what it takes to get past the other teams defenders?  Can your team’s blockers protect you and give you smooth passage to the other end of the gauntlet. One thing for sure it’s going to be a bumpy ride but you can be sure it’ going to be filled with a rush of adrenaline. It’s high energy, chaotic fun!

Bumccer – It’s soccer with a twist!  Up to four a side will jump in their bumper balls and play a game of soccer using a massive 1m soccer ball. Only one rule! Get the massive ball into the other teams’ goals, other than that all bets are off! It’s hilarious to watch as teams try and get past each other and score a goal.

Bump Out – Two or four people at a time will enter the Bump Out ring to see who will be the last Bumper standing. The aim of the game is to work together as a team to bump out the opposition and be the last team inside the circle.

3. Dodge Ball: Teams will enter the dodge ball arena where they will face off against each other.  Teams must race to the centre line, grab a ball and then throw it at the opposition in an attempt to hit their legs, but beware that an oppositions ball doesn’t hit you first.

This is a fun and often chaotic game.  Who has what it takes to dodge the ball and be the ultimate winning team, either way, teams will have a great time in the process.

BumperFoosDodge Ball is a great fun event that will see teams communication, commitment, and courage put to the test all whilst having a ball. Throughout the games, points are accumulated and the overall team winner announced at the end of the day with awards given.

This is a great event for those participating and spectating and we guarantee everyone will be unable to stop laughing.

Minimum and Maximum time required

Minimum Duration: 1 hour

Maximum Duration: 1 day (if a tournament style event is organised and depends on the size of the group)

Minimum and Maximum Group Size

Minimum Group Size: 14

Maximum Group Size: 100+

Activity level and type of group this is suited to

This activity is fun, enjoyable and can literally be enjoyed by anyone. It doesn’t require any special skills and is highly interactive and has an intensity level of medium to high.


Minimum amount$1,500
or From$70 per person


  • Site visits
  • Equipment inspection, allocation, delivery and setup
  • Program design and documentation
  • Professional facilitators
  • Onsite support, liaison with event planners/co-ordinators
  • Back office support staff
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Sunscreen for duration of program
  • Comprehensive public liability insurance for up to $20,000,000
  • Scoring and review of the program
  • GST (Goods and Services Tax)


  • Trophies and or prizes (can be arranged upon request)
  • Professional video and photography (can be organised upon request)
  • Experiential learning workshops (available upon request)
  • Accommodation, Food and Transfers



Tropical North Queensland



Sunshine Coast


Hervey Bay



Gold Coast


Central NSW

South Coast

Northern Rivers

Blue Mountains


Southern Highlands

Hunter Valley

Port Macquarie

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Yorke Peninsula

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Flinders Rangers

Eyre Peninsula

Clare Valley

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Adelaide Hills


We currently run this exciting and fun team building event in locations like those listed above but we also operate in many other places in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria as we can easily transport this activity and operate it anywhere in Australia. In fact we will travel anywhere, anytime to infuse some fun and adventure into your group. Just contact us for more details.

Space Requirements

 We need a flat area about the size of a tennis court.


Time Out Adventures are awesome!! We organized Giant Foosball, Bubble Soccer and Dodge Ball. Fantastic games for the team. Our team of 20 thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Fabulous team building exercise for all fitness levels and so funny to watch at the same time. Thank-you to Glen and the team for doing a wonderful job organizing and coordinating for us. Definitely see you again soon.

Rebecca Collet  @ Linfox


We can tailor any program to suit your requirements, outcomes and of course budget. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a fixed price quote.


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