Pay to Play Online Trivia – How!

To play you will need to have pre-purchased a ticket/voucher before 7:00pm AEDST on the day of the Trivia Game Show. You will need 1 x voucher/ticket for each mobile phone that is to be used to buzz in your answers. If you have NOT purchased a ticket prior to this time you will not be able to play in the Trivia Gameshow. You can still watch but you will be unable to participate.

Purchasing your Tickets/Vouchers

To purchase your tickets you will need to click here which will take you to the Gift Voucher page which is used to select the amount of tickets and receive your voucher/tickets number(s). Follow these steps once you are on the Gift Voucher/Tickets page;

  1. Under Generic Gift Voucher section pick $8, $10 or $12 – Online Trivia Voucher – <Quiz Date> (the value of the ticket you purchase it up to you, if you can afford $12 then great as this will help us keep the trivia online each week)
  2. On the next screen just select the number of vouchers/tickets you need based on the amount of mobile phones that will be used to buzz in your answers during the Game Show. Then click the next button
  3. Enter your name and contact details and click the next button
  4. Enter your credit card details and click the Pay Now and confirm your purchase button
  5. Once the payment goes through you will receive an email with the voucher/ticket code(s) which you will need to enter into each mobile phone that will be used to buzz in your answers during the Gameshow.

Afer you have purchased your voucher/tickets you will receive an email. Once you receive your email don’t worry about the redeeming section as this is only valid if you are buying a voucher for a Time Out Activity. You just need the voucher/ticket code(s)

Download the QuizXpress Smart Buzzer App

If you haven’t already done so, prior to the QuizXpress Trivia Game show starting head to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and download the app called “QuizXpress Smart Buzzer”.

Tuning in to the Game Show

On the night of the Game Show, go to the Time Out YouTube channel at and look for the QuizXpress LIVE icon and click this to start the LIVE stream.

Registering your team

On your mobile phone, start the QuizXpress Smart Buzzer app and enter your Team Nickname and click Join Game VIA PIN

The game PIN is different with each game and to find it, you will see it appear in the top left corner of the You Tube LIVE Broadcast. Enter the PIN and then you will be asked to enter in your unique voucher/ticket number which was emailed to you when you purchased your ticket(s).

Please remember if you have not purchased your ticket before 7:00pm AEDST you will not be able to play. The system will still allow you to purchase a Voucher/Ticket but you will not be able to use it as we have to manually upload all the sold tickets into the Game Show prior to starting.

If your ticket/voucher number is accepted by the QuizXpress Smart Buzzer app you will then receive a keypad and you are ready to start playing. So sit back, relax and have some fun playing the best Interactive Trivia GameShow in town.

Please remember, once you purchase your ONLINE Trivia Ticket Voucher there are no refunds given whether you play or not.

We look forward to having you play and please spread the news during this trial period as the number of people that pay to play will determine whether we continue to keep the service going or not.