What makes Bulls Eye Golf so popular?

Are you looking for an activity full of nail-biting moments as you watch in anticipation to see if you score a direct hit or even better score a Bulls Eye (hole in one)!

Players beware Bulls Eye Golf is highly addictive!

This is what you’ll do;

  • Step up to the platform,
  • Select your target,
  • Steady yourself, aim and swing away!
  • Then watch, hold your breath and start praying whilst you watch to see if you hit the target or get a hole in one to win some great prizes.

Bulls Eye Golf @ Balgownie Estate – Yarra Valley – The hills of the Yarra Valley is your backdrop as you step up to the platform and swing away to see if you can hit some of the targets on land some distance away.

Why not experience some of our other great activities whilst visting either of these locations such as a Segway Vineyard Tour or Laser Clay Shooting or the fun of the medieval sport of Archery.  Afterwards, stay for a bite to eat or a drink and soak up the ambience of these great resorts.

  Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions? We've got answers! Everything you thought to ask, and some things you didn't. This is a collection of the most common queries we get on this event from our customers. We recommend you have a read to ensure you're not caught out on the day. If there's anything you're still unsure of, please don't hesitate to contact us.


No, as long as you can swing a golf club, you can participate in this fun activity


Up to 4 people at a time will step up to the mat and have a turn.


The session lasts for up to 30 minutes to allow for up to 12 people to play. You will receive 30 balls in your bucket. It will normally take you approximately 10-15 minutes to launch all your balls at the targets.


We most certainly can arrange a private session for your group. Pricing may vary depending on the amount of people due to the fact that the session is exclusive for your group only.


If you could arrive 10 minutes early for your scheduled session.


You are responsible for the equipment whilst in your possession. Therefore if you damage it, you will be required to provide a $100 security deposit by way of credit card. This money will be retained until such time as we can get a quote for the damages. Once we know the full costs, you will be required to pay these within 7 days.


Please refer to the Terms & Conditions tab where we explain in detail our REFUND and CANCELLATION Policy.


No, the session still proceeds even if it is raining. If we decide the rain is to heavy or there are dangerous thunderstorms, for safety reasons we may elect to reschedule your session to another day, if this day is unsuitable for you, we will provide a full refund.

  Bulls Eye Golf: Now playing at a venue near you!

Presently we hold this activity as part of the following events. Simply pick one from the list and check availability if you'd like to book. If you can't find a location that suits, don't worry, simply contact us for more details as we're adding new locations all the time and may have something that suits!


  • Bucket of Balls (30)
  • Golf Club
  • Cash & Prizes for hitting targets
  • Sunscreen


  • Transfers to location
  • Water