What makes Segways for Events so popular?

Looking for something fun, unique and different to do for your next party, celebration or event?

Now your guests can experience the thrill and adventure of riding one of these amazing machines. When you step aboard a Segway you will quickly find that it will gently move you and keep you balanced almost like an extension of you as it intuitively moves in response to where you want to go. It’s natural, safe and instinctive. Just step on, shift your weight forward, backward, left or right and Lean Steer technology immediately sends you gliding in the precise direction you want to go, at exactly the speed you want to move. Straighten up and you gently stop.

We have a range of exciting options:

Option 1: Segway Ride/Tour

We can take your guests on a fun-filled adventure tour at one of our locations such as:-

  • The Armory at Sydney Olympic Park Sydney
  • Balgownie Vineyard Resort & Spa in the Yarra Valley
  • Rochford Winery in the Yarra Valley
  • Opal Cove Resort Coffs Harbour and
  • Main Beach on the Gold Coast

Option 2: Segway Fun Rides

We can set up a track and your guests can take it in turns zooming around having fun in your allotted event time. With this option, we can come to your location or you can come to one of ours.

Group Size

We can accommodate any size group from 6 people up to 100 people depending on budget and option type.

So whether you are planning a birthday, Bar Mitzvah, Bucks, Hens party or a corporate event, trade show, fair, festival or any group activity we have a range of Segway options for all occasions.

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  • Segway machines
  • Helmets
  • Facilitators
  • Training
  • Fun & Adventure


  • Travel


  • Food & Beverage (Depending on location)

  Terms and Conditions

Bookings Terms, Conditions and Acknowledgement:-

  • Time Out Adventures & Entertainment is a sales, marketing and booking agent for Segway Operators that provide rides and tours to the public.  Time Out Adventures is not the operator of these Segway Experiences.

  • If you require changes to your booking, please contact us and we will facilitate this change for you.  Fees may apply

  • The Segway Participant acknowledges and agrees that, upon accepting a Segway experience booking through Time Out Adventures and Entertainment, they Acknowledge that Segway Riding is a dangerous recreational activity within the meaning of the Civil Liability Act (Qld, NSW & Vic) and involves a significant risk of injury, harm or damage and the participant accepts this risk when accepting the booking. If you are under the age of 18, a parent or guardian accepts this Risk on your behalf.

  • Time Out Adventures & Entertainment will not be responsible for any loss, injury or damage incurred or suffered by the participant during the Segway Experience.

  • By accepting a booking for a Segway Experience through Time Out Adventures and Entertainment, the Participant and guardian releases and forever holds Time Out Adventures & Entertainment, their servants, agents and employees harmless from any and all injury, harm or damage, cost, expense or loss including consequential loss suffered by or caused to the Participant or to others as a result of the Participants use or operation of the Segway and or as a result of accepting this booking no matter what the cause or where such injury, harm or damage arises and;

  • By undertaking a Segway Experience booked through Time Out Adventures & Entertainment, the Participant and the guardian will not threaten to make, make, commence, file or bring any demand, claim, court proceedings, application or suit concerning the Segway Experience, rescheduling a booking or any event arising out of either against Time Out Adventures, their servants, agents or employees and if they do then they will indemnify the owners, directors, their servants, agents or employees for and against any order, judgment, decision or decree of the court and the owner’s legal costs and any costs of a court ordered against the owner on the indemnity basis.

Segway Operator Terms & Conditions

The Segway operator for this activity has the following important terms and conditions you agree too when you accept this booking,

  • Minimum age 9

  • Minimum weight 30kgs, Maximum weight 115kgs

  • Enclosed footwear is required

  • If you are pregnant, unfortunately you will not be able to participate in the tour as we feel the risk to both child and mother to be too high

  • Riders under 18 require a guardian/parent to also come on the ride.

  • The rider accepts that riding a Segway is a dangerous leisure activity according to the Civil Liability Act (Qld and NSW) and involves a significant risk of injury, harm or damage (physical or mental) to the rider and to others and the rider accepts this risk.

  • All riders are required to sign a rider agreement and agree to be bound by the standard terms and conditions of that agreement

  • The Segway rider acknowledges (a) the existence of and (b) by the rider’s conduct he/she agrees to the terms of the rider agreement

  • Helmets are provided and must be worn

  • You agree to not ride the Segway if intoxicated or under the influence of drugs

  • By placing this booking you and others in your group who will be riding the Segway's, accept all risks associated with riding this mechanical device and the various types of terrain and hazards you will encounter; this includes any injury you may suffer, financial loss, damage caused to the machine, injury to other persons or damage to their property