What makes The Edge for Venues so popular?


One system that delivers the ultimate patron experience!

Time Out Entertainment have partnered with Visual Sounds to bring you the ultimate music, messaging, advertising, gaming and entertainment system, creating what we believe is a single box solution for all your entertainment needs which is unlike anything on the market.


For just the costs of a couple of beers a day you could get all this!

  • Multiple entertainment zones in your venue – this allows you to create different moods within your venue
  • Music  and Music video playlists – Pre-loaded with hundred of playlists which you can play in various zones around your venue and constantly updated
  • Menu boards – Showcase your various food offers with digital menu boards
  • Increased Sales – Create in-house advertising campaigns using video and images that utiilse the power of suggestive selling
  • State of the art promotions – With a choice of seven mini games such as Penalty Shootout, Horse Race, Cups & Balls, Prize Wheel, Cards, Talent Quest and more!  Now your promotions become interactive, engaging and exciting
  • Latest Sport, News, Weather or your Menu for the day – Scrolling messages using RSS and Ticker allow you to provide your customers with the latest information
  • Interactive, Exciting and Unique Game Shows – No pens, no paper, no cheating, QuizXpress is the latest entertainment, in fact it’s a trivia revolution and it’s totally integrated into the Edge system, lowering your costs and boosting your profits
  • Entertainment and Advertising on the one screen – Can you current system do this?  TV space is a premium, with Edge you can now showcase advertising at the same time as a music video plays on the TV.  Now that is maximising your ROI
  • All this and more! –  Put the power of song selection into the hands of your customers with Edge Request app or want to create a Karaoke night or run a meat raffle, well the Edge Multimedia Entertainment system does all this and more!

Give your venue the EDGE today!

The Edge system allows you to quickly & easily construct the Audio & Video programming your customers want to hear. Enjoy complete control over your audio/video environment. Program and play CD quality songs & DVD quality video clips in custom lists that you create. Change music for different times of the day to entertain various customer groups. Create customised tickers to keep your patrons up-to-date with informational messages from websites on sport, news, weather and the latest feeds from social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, effectively creating an “in house” radio/TV station.


Next level promotions using Gamification!

Subscribe to Time Out Entertainment’s QuizCentre and you unlock the power of gamification on your Edge system. Patrons love playing games and love winning prizes. Now you can take your promotions to the next level and create the ultimate patron experience!  With seven mini games available, you are only limited by your imagination.  Imagine it’s Melbourne Cup Day, why not run a series of horse races where everyone in the venue can buzz in their horse and if they guess correctly they auotmatically go onto the Prize Wheel for the chance to win a prize


Engaging, interactive, exciting, state of the art game shows events!

When you subsribe to the Time Out QuizCentre you get to pick two mini game shows to receive each week.  These can be used to promote and drive sales in your venue or use them as an add on to your paper based trivia nights creating the ultimate in entertainment.  Your customers will use the latest in technology – mobile buzzers, to buzz in their answers whilst playing creative spins on gameshows like Sale of the Century, Jeopardy, Name that Lyric, Fastest Finger, Millionaire ladder and more!
Want more, why not ask subscribe to a 2 hour game show night, such as Infusion, Varingo or Quizxpress, all of which will take your entertainment to the  next level and create a real buzz in your venue!


The Power of Suggestive selling is at your finger tips to give you the Edge!

Boost sales by raising product and promotion awareness with the Edge Entertainment system.  Create awesome looking menu boards to showcase your food offereing, advertise your upcoming events using custom frames. Ceate additional revenue sources by selling advertising space to your suppliers or to non-competing local businesses by utilising your TV displays and the Edge multi-zone system.
Cut overheads by eliminating costly print media, long turn-around times, short lived point of purchase material & marketing materials storage. Improve your customer experience by creating themed program schedules using music videos and visual ads to get the perfect content mix needed for your customer demographic.


The Edge Entertainment System really is the complete package for all your entertainment and marketing needs. It will drive sales, boost profits, improve ROI and provides the ultimate patron expereince.

Don’t delay call us today and get the jump on your competitors.

  The Edge for Venues: Now playing at a venue near you!

Presently we hold this activity as part of the following events. Simply pick one from the list and check availability if you'd like to book. If you can't find a location that suits, don't worry, simply contact us for more details as we're adding new locations all the time and may have something that suits!


  • 100% Legitimate & Legal Music
  • Technical Support
  • Edge Request App for customers to pick songs
  • Set and forget Music scheduler
  • Image editor - create your own professional ads in minutes
  • Hundreds of playlists
  • Digital Advertising with custom screen frames
  • RSS & Twitter scrolling live feeds
  • High definition music videos
  • Advertising & music videos on the same screen


  • Edge Computer System (Rent or Buy Options)


  • QuizCenter (7 x Mini games + 2 Mini Game Shows) from $50 per week
  • Karaoke from $25 per week
  • Jukebox (POA)