What makes LIVE Interactive Entertainment for Retirement Villages so popular?

Broadcast LIVE into your village!

Every week Time Out Entertainment broadcasts LIVE (at  predetermined days/times) fully hosted Interactive Entertainment Services directly into retirement villages(or aged care facilities).  All that is needed is a TV and internet access to Zoom.


  • Unique, engaging and interactive entertainment
  • Creates pride and healthy competition (Player Vs Player and Village Vs Village)
  • Exciting prizes to be won
  • Cost effective package options
  • Reduces your entertainment costs

Entertainment Services Available

QuizXpress Interactive Trivia

  • No more pens and paper but a Smart Buzzer on your mobile phone to lock in your answers
  • No cheating!  Player responses revealed immediately when all answers are locked in
  • Multi choice answers, diminishing points, countdown clock
  • Fun & Interactive rounds like Trivia Ladder, Jeopardy, Last Team Standing plus more!
  • Dynamic LIVE Scoreboard
  • Great prizes included with each gameshow

Infusion Game Show

  • Taking traditional game shows like Jeopardy, Family Feud, Sale of the Century, Wheel of Fortune, Price is Right, Majority Rules, and infusing them with a modern spin.
  • Add into the mix rounds like “Millionaire Hotseat”, “It’s a Knockout”, and “Lyrical Line–up” and you have the ultimate Game show experience.
  • Dynamic Live Scoreboard
  • Smart Buzzer app on your mobile phone to lock in your answers
  • Spot Games like Horse Race, Cups & Balls, Cards and more!
  • Infusion it’s electric, interactive and totally engaging


  • Modern day spin on the classic game bingo
  • Numbers are out! Hit songs, box office hits, trivia and famous faces are in!
  • Singing, dancing and heaps of fun, it’s the ultimate social event
  • Dab your bingo card using your mobile phone
  • Full of nail biting moments to see if you can get Varingo before anyone else
  • Win great prizes

Cost Effective Package Options

Trivia & Game Show Package

Included in this package is

  • LIVE Broadcast with an Entertainment Host
  • Each week the broadcast will alternate between QuizXpress Trivia and the Infusion Game Show providing patrons with weekly variety
  • Players use their Mobile Phones as their Smart Buzzer to submit their answers
  • Weekly Prizes included
  • Play against other villages
  • DIY Paper Based trivia included (Village to provide their own host)
Pricing starts from $44 per week based on a 12 month subscription

Varingo Package

Included in this package is

  • LIVE Broadcast with an Entertainment Host
  • Alternating weekly rounds of Music, Trivia, Pictures, Movies and Number Bingo
  • Players dab their Bingo card using their mobile phone
  • Print ready Bingo cards also available
  • Weekly Prizes included
  • Play against other villages
Pricing starts from $34 per week based on a 12 month subscription

Combo Pack

Included in this package

  • All of the above packages plus
  • 1 x Monthly LIVE streamed themed bingo event
  • 1 x Monthly LIVE streamed QuizXpress Game Show
  • 1 x Yearly Streamed QuizXpress tournament (each village will nominate 5 teams to represent them in a yearly tournament against the other villages)
This package represents tremendous value at only $77 per week and is based on a 12 months subscription

How to play!

  1. Gather your residents in the media or community room prior to the start of the LIVE broadcast,Quiz Buzzers
  2. Setup your TV/Projector and connect to You Tube or Zoom over the internet
  3. Organise the residents into teams
  4. Teams will use a mobile phone to access their Smart Buzzer or teams can use multiple mobile phones to get their Mobile Bingo cards
  5. Broadcasts starts and everyone listens to the host and plays the interactive entertainment, having fun and engaging with everyone
  6. Teams will see the LIVE scoreboard across all the villages that are playing.
  7. Sport prizes are awarded and at the end of the entertainment the winners are announced and prizes awarded


Combo Package

  • Special Promotion $59 per week (Valid to 1/8/2020)
  • 12 month Term $77 per week

Trivia & Game Show Package

  • 12 month Term $44 per week
  • 6 month Term $59 per week
  • 3 month Term $79 per week

Varingo Package

  • 12 month Term $34 per week
  • 6 month Term $49 per week
  • 3 month Term $69 per week


  • LIVE Broadcast via You Tube or Zoom
  • Entertainment Host
  • Entertainment Content
  • Weekly Prizes


  • TV/Projector/Internet connection
  • Mobile Phones/Tablets
  • Printing of Varingo Cards

  Terms and Conditions

  • Time Out Entertainment will publish the days/times when each Entertainment Service is broadcast on You Tube and Zoom

  • Villages will be unable to watch the LIVE broadcast without an active subscription

  • All pricing quoted is EX-GST

  • DIY Paper based Trivia is delivered to each Village each Monday via a Dropbox link

  • Time Out Entertainment cannot guarantee the internet delay during the broadcast.  This will be determined by the ISP used by the Village.

  • Prizes are determined by Time Out Entertainment and will be sent to the Village directly who will then ensure the player receives it

  • Pricing is based on a minimum term of 3, 6 or 12 months

  • Termination: If you choose to, for any reason to cancel the service before the end of the term, you agree to pay 100% of the minimum cost. For example: If there is still 4 weeks remaining of the term for your weekly fee @ $44pw you will be required to pay $44 x 4 = $176 ex-gst. Once the term expires for a service, the subscription will continue week to week with a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice in writing to terminate the service required.

  • Combo Pack Special Pricing ends 1/8/2020 and is based on a 12 month subscription