What makes Online Venue Entertainment Initiative so popular?

Invitation to join the ONLINE VENUE ENTERTAINMENT initiative!

We invite your venue to partner with us & Visual Sounds in a FREE “Online Venue Entertainment” community initiative that will provide your patrons with some of the same “In Venue” entertainment they currently enjoy in your venue but ONLINE streamed LIVE into their living rooms throughout the COVID-19 restrictions. It’s a Online Entertainment Revolution!

Our goal is to help venues across the nation continue to engage with their patrons and to help prevent their patrons from feeling socially isolated and alone whilst their favourite venues’ doors are forced to remain closed.

We believe we can achieve this by offering patrons some fun and engaging nights of entertainment ONLINE. We will be starting off by broadcasting a LIVE, fully hosted QuizXpress Interactive Trivia Game Show played with mobile buzzers, live scoreboards and multi-choice questions. It’s exciting, fully interactive,  totally engaging and FREE!

There is no cost to you or your venue to be part of this initiative. If you would like to become invovled, we ask if you could do the following:

  1. Email  onlinevenue@timeoutgroup.com.au your venue name and mobile number so we can provide you with free marketing material and other information to help you support this community initiative.
  2. Email us your venue’s logo so we can promote your venue during each LIVE broadcast when the various Trivia and Game Shows are on.
  3. Join the “Online Venue Entertainment” Facebook group.
  4. Post on your venue’s Facebook page, inviting all your patrons to join the “Online Venue Entertainment” community initiative where they will find all the details on how to play and when. Below is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1035880453472123/?source_id=519247531444542
  5. Provide us with a quick 10 second “Shout-out” video (only if you feel comfortable) that we can use in our LIVE broadcasts to connect you with your patrons
    1. The video needs to be in landscape mode and say something along these lines ie: Hi, this is James and I’m the General Manager at the Stanley Hotel, I’d like to give a big shout-out to all our patrons and we look forward to seeing you soon when the doors re-open.  Until then, let’s have some fun online!
  6. Then every week post on your Social Media platforms, something that creates engagement with your patrons such as
    1. “Who is going to represent our venue this week in the next Online Trivia Game Show”;
    2. “Big Shout to Team ZZ Top who represented our venue last night and took out 3rd place, great job”;
    3. Create a Venue Leader board for players who represent your venue and provide them with vouchers they can win when the first team reaches XXX combined score over 4 weeks;
    4. Run an “Observation” competition where you ask questions about something in the LIVE Broadcast to your patrons and if they answer correctly they earn a point and the first team to score 10 points wins a voucher.

We invite you to become part of the “Online Venue” community initiative and, like us, see the value this will bring to your patrons.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Time Out Entertainment