What makes The Edge – Marketing for Venues so popular?

Edge Marketing is one of several subscription modules available on The Edge Enterainment Solution platform that allows your venue to have the ultimate total venue entertainment solution in one box!

INCREASE SALES –  According to an Arbitron retail media study 29% or (1 in 3) Customers made an unplanned purchase after seeing a product presented on video. 

Edge Markeiting gives you the ability to showcase your brand by turing your TV’s into in-house digital signage. Impact your customers at the best possible time, the point of purchase!  With up to four separate zones you’ll have more power over your tv screens and more control over your marketing then ever before.

Benefit from the wide range of messaging features built into your Edge Marketing system. Play back both looped and scheduled still images or full motion digital signage. Make changes to your advertisements and marketing messaging in almost real time from virtually anywhere with the Edge Remote App, and display the messages you want, when you want, with the supporting media you want.

TOTAL INTEGRATION – In today’s competitive environment, it is critical to stand out and make a memorable impact on customers. By combining Edge Marketing with Edge Music & Edge Promotions this will help your business achieve an advantae using branded marketing, interactive promotional games, music, messaging and video to create the ultimate venue entertainment solution and keep your patrons entertained and informed about your products and promotions.    


Edge Marketing – Highlights

  • Ability to Advertise and Entertain at the same time on the same screen, it’s totally unique to The Edge!
  • Up to 4 independent zones to target the right advertisting message to the right audience!
  • Play back both looped and scheduled still images or full motion digital signage.
  • Totally customisable – Create your own ads from hundreds of preloaded graphics with your choice of text.
  • Create exciting and visually appealing menu boards
  • Combine your local advertising with Live Updates –  Social media, news, sport, weather and more!
  • Edge Remote allows you to send new advertising messages and schedule the playback in real time from any location.
  • Boost sales by raising product and promotion awareness, increasing per item transaction levels and utilizing the power of suggestive selling.
  • Create additional revenue sources by selling advertising space to your suppliers or to non-competing local business.
  • Reduce Costs by eliminating costly print media, long turn-around times, short lived point of purchase material & marketing materials storage.
  • Improve your customer experience by shortening wait time perceptions and by adding high-tech, aesthetically pleasing displays to your environment.
  • Combine with Edge Music to provide all the music and control you need to have the right musical signature and marketing for your brand allowing you to get the perfect content mix needed for your customer demographic

Stay ahead of your competition by adding other Edge modules such as Edge Music, Edge Promotions, Edge Karaoke and Edge Entertainment to create the ultimate venue entertainment solution in one box! Imagine the ability to display music videos & full motion advertising, play a trivia game show with mobile keypads, engage with patrons playing an interactive horse race gaming promotion or play a talent quest karaoke night and more all from a single unit.



  • Edge Entertainment System (Purchase or Hire)
  • Installation