What makes The Edge – Music for Venues so popular?

Edge Music is one of several subscription modules available on The Edge Enterainment Solution platform that allows your venue to have the ultimate total venue entertainment solution in one box!

With Edge Music a whole new world awaits you. With up to four separate audio and video zones you’ll have more power over your tv screens and more control over your music then ever before.

With Edge Music you can quickly & easily construct the Audio & Video programming that your customers want to hear. Enjoy complete control over your audio/video environment. Program and play CD quality songs & DVD quality video clips in custom lists that you create. Change music for different times of the day to entertain various customer groups and more!

Your Edge Music subscription comes with the Edge Request app which is just like a virtual Jukebox. The Edge Request app is all about enhancing your guests experience by enabling them to request their favourite songs in your venue, all the while having complete control over what gets played. The app even gives venues the ability to display promotional and informative custom messages to its users.


Edge Music Highlights

  • Total flexibility –  Activate the Edge Music module to create the ultimate Entertainment experience at your venue
  • Peace of mind knowing The Edge Music system has been installed in over 6000 locations worldwide since 1999
  • Up to 4 independent HD Zones allowing you to create unique and different ambience in various areas of your venue
  • Access to over 12,000 music video clips & 100,000 audio tracks
  • Virtual Jukebox with Edge Request
  • Attractive, simple user interface allows you to play or schedule music and change the mood automatically at any time of the day you choose.
  • “DJ” function allows you to flip a switch for fully manual playback
  • You can use a zone channel to manage your telephone systems on hold programming
  • Find any song quickly & easily with an extensive search feature
  • Access control – System functions can be restricted to maintain the integrity of your programming & settings
  • Remote control – Manage more than one location with the Edge Remote app
  • Pre-set Categories – Each song is classified in one or more of over 250 pre-set categories, based on music style, theme & mood
  • Create your own playlists – Use our categories or combine and edit multiple genres to create your perfect playlist
  • 100% LEGITIMATE & LEGAL MUSIC GUARANTEE – with The Edge Music you have the rights to use all provided content with each and every system, providing you with a 100% legal playback solution

Your Edge Music subscription automatically includes Edge Marketing as well.

Edge Music allows you to control your ambience and maximize your customer experience. Add other Edge modules such as Edge Promotions, Edge Karaoke and Edge Entertainment and you have the ultimate venue entertainment solution in one box! Imagine the ability to display music videos & full motion advertising, play a trivia game show with mobile keypads, engage with patrons playing an interactive horse race gaming promotion or play a talent quest karaoke night and more all from a single unit.



  • Edge Marketing also included in Edge Music Subscription


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