Laser Clay (Balgownie Resort)

Clays launched in the air in different directions, friends cheering as you make a direct hit. This is a fun, interactive spin on clay pigeon shooting and it's totally safe!

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  • $30 per Child (15yo or younger)
  • $30 per Senior (must show card)
  • $35 per Adult

30 clays

  What makes Laser Clay (Balgownie Resort) so popular?

‘Things to do’ in the Yarra Valley just got more exciting with Laser Clay target shooting!

It’s Friend vs Friend, Mate vs Mate, Father Vs Son! Regardless of age or skill, you will train your trigger finger and compete on a level playing field with this fun, a safe and unconventional twist on clay pigeon shooting at the Balgownie Resort Vineyard & Spa.

As you set your sights to the sky a disk is released from the conventional launcher. You then test your speed, concentration, and predictive skills by firing a modified shotguns high-tech infrared laser beam at the target. A module scoreboard generates the shotgun “bang” whenever the trigger is pulled. If your aim is on-target, the sound of a crackling disk is reproduced over the scoreboard which signals your success.

In each round of Laser-Clay up to 5 people can shoot at the same target launched from a number of different positions at various speeds and angles so its great for individuals, a group of mates or families to all have fun at the same time.

Victory relies on skill, a little bit of luck and heaps of fun!

Laser-clay is the only shooting sport that is absolutely environmentally friendly and safe. Laser-clay guns fire a harmless infra-red beam like in a TV remote control at reusable disks and even the sound is totally controllable.

Games include-

Skill Shot: Players are awarded two points when they hit the clay target on their first shot and one point for the second.
Rapid Fire: This game is based on who can hit the clay first. Five points are awarded to the first person to hit the clay target and then points descend down to one point for the last person who hits the clay target.
Speed Shoot: A point is only awarded to the person who is the quickest to hit the clay target first everyone else who hits the target receives zero points.
Laser Sport: Each time you hit the clay target you receive one point.

Each session consists of shooting at up to 30 clays (this may take less than the allocated session time).

Laser Clay Shooting is one of those Yarra Valley activities that you should put on your itinerary as it is safe, environmentally friendly, interactive and best of all heaps of fun for everyone!


  • Fun, safe unconventional twist on clay pigeon shooting
  • Interactive & exciting
  • Anyone can play!
  • Friends cheering as you score a direct hit!
  • Shoot at up to 30 clay targets in each session
  • Yarra Valley experience not to be missed!

  Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions? We've got answers! Everything you thought to ask, and some things you didn't. This is a collection of the most common queries we get on this event from our customers. We recommend you have a read to ensure you're not caught out on the day. If there's anything you're still unsure of, please don't hesitate to contact us.


If you click on the Directions button you will find specific details where to find us.


Whilst there is no minimum weight limits, with regards to age we suggest a minimum of at least 10 years of age as the guns become heavy for younger participants throughout the session


Typically a Laser Clay session can have up to 15 people on a session.


You will get to shoot at up to 30 clay targets (unless you chose to pay for more) which will typically take about 20 minutes to do. When we have larger groups of more than 5 on the session, it can take up to 40-60 minutes in total for everyone to rotate having their turn until they each reach 30 targets shot at.


We most certainly can arrange a private session for your group. Pricing may vary depending on the amount of people due to the fact that the session is exclusive for your group only.


If you could arrive 10 minutes early for your scheduled session.


You are responsible for the gun whilst it is in your possession. Therefore if you damage it, you will be required to provide a $750 security deposit by way of credit card. This money will be retained until such time as we can get a quote for the damages. Once we know the full costs, you will be required to pay these within 7 days.


We will provide you with instruction and training how to use the Laser Clay guns. Most people are able to hit a target within their first 6-10 shots some within their first 1 or 2 shots.


The Laser Clay system is designed so that up to 5 people at a time can shoot at the clay as it flys through the air, making it a fun, safe and interactive experience.


The answer is No! The Laser Clay system is a high-tech device that has all the same skill as Clay Pigeon shooting but is totally safe and environmentally friendly as the guns fire a harmless infrared signal just like your home TV remote. If you are on target and the signal hits the clay as it flies through the air it will register on the scoreboard a direct hit and you will also hear the sound of a breaking clay over the speakers.


Please refer to the Terms & Conditions tab where we explain in detail our REFUND and CANCELLATION Policy.


If it is raining unfortunately we will not be able to operate the session as the system is very expensive and cannot get wet. In the event of rain we will reschedule your session to another day, if this day is unsuitable for you, we will provide a full refund.

  Terms and Conditions

General Conditions

  • You are required to arrive a minimum of 10 minutes early for this activity
  • Recommended minimum age 10
  • Your time is based on how long it takes you to shoot at up to 30 clay targets (unless agreed otherwise) which maybe less that the total session time allocated.

Refund Policy

This activity cannot operate in the rain or if minimum numbers required are not achieved. We will notify you and offer an alternate date and time. If you cancel your booking with less than 48 hours notice, or decide for whatever reason on the day you no longer wish to participate in the activity, no refunds are offered. For cancellations greater than 48 hours notice we will gladly provide a full refund with the exception being any pre-paid vouchers/promotions which are subject to the terms and conditions of the voucher/promotion. If you would like to reschedule your activity for whatever reason a $15 per person re-scheduling fee applies.

Whilst there is no guarantees; if you are running late for the activity please contact us immediately on 1300 090 767 to see if it is possible for us to wait. If you do arrive late and no prior arrangements have been made, unfortunately you will not be able to join the session and no refunds will be given.