QuizXpress at Ocean Shores Tavern

A QuizXpress trivia night at the Ocean Shores Tavern is interactive, exciting and full of nail biting moments. There are wireless keypads, big screens, diminishing points and a countdown timer to create more suspense!

  When: Every Tuesday at 7pm

Ocean Shores Tavern, 84 Rajah Road, Ocean Shores NSW, Australia Show Directions
(02) 6680-3222
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  What makes QuizXpress at Ocean Shores Tavern so popular?

Ocean Shores has the best interactive trivia in town!

Why settle for a trivia night where you may only get to answer 30 or 40 questions and most of the time is spent wondering if everyone has answered the question yet or for the host to count up everyone’s scores. A QuizXpress trivia night at the Ocean Shores Tavern is interactive, exciting and full of nail biting moments. You’ll play the trivia gameshow using wireless keypads and there is a countdown timer. So once everyone has locked in their answer or the timer expires, the game show knows it’s time to tally the scores and move onto the next question, this makes for a night of exciting trivia.

Wireless keypad buzzer used to play trivia

A typical QuizXpress night will consist of between 80-100 questions with multi-choice answers across a wide range of categories like History, Sports, Geography, Pop Culture, Movies, Famous People, Literature, Science, Food, Nature and more! Each round in QuizXpress is different, some rounds are fastest finger, so only the fastest team to buzz in and answer correctly steals the points and everyone else misses out. Other rounds will require you to think fast and lock in your answer because as the countdown timer reduces so do the points. So buzz in early to score maximum points, wait to long and possibly only score a few points. It’s risk vs reward.

To mix things up, each trivia night will also consist of some games of chance such as the Horse Race, Cups and Balls, Penalty Shootout, Wheel of Fun and more! This is an opportunity for teams’ to win some prizes or score some bonus points.

Head on down to the Ocean Shores Tavern this Tuesday for a night of fun, excitement and who knows maybe even win a prize or two!


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