Segway Vineyard Tour (Balgownie Resort)

"Things to do" in the Yarra Valley just got a whole lot more exciting! Jump on your all-terrain Segway, scale to the top of Segway summit for some amazing views of the Yarra Valley!

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  • $69 per Child (15yo or younger)
  • $69 per Senior (must show card)
  • $79 per Adult

1 hour

  What makes Segway Vineyard Tour (Balgownie Resort) so popular?

“Things to do” in the Yarra Valley just got a whole lot more exciting! Riding a Segway in the Yarra Valley is something special! It’s fun, exciting and a great way to soak up the ambiance of this beautiful valley.

On this 60 minute Balgownie Resort Vineyard tour, you will first learn how to master riding one of these amazing machines. Once ‘rider ready’ you’ll zoom around the resort, cruise around the vineyard, learning a little about the award-winning wines of Balgownie and scale to Segway summit to see some breathtaking views of the Yarra Valley.

On this amazing tour, you will experience the fun of riding your all-terrain Segway up, down and around on gravel, grassed and concrete tracks, you’ll get some amazing photo opportunities of the Yarra Valley and Balgownie Resort Vineyard and maybe even spot some wildlife in the process.

Riding a Segway is such a crazy experience becuase it feels so unnatural but natural at the same time!  You simply won’t get the smile off your face becuase it is so much fun. This tour is fun, excitement and adventure wrapped up in one fantastic experience!

If riding a Segway isn’t enough, why not try one of our other exciting activities at the Balgownie Resort such as Laser Clay Target Shooting, Archery, Bulls Eye Golf or more! There is something fun for everyone!

So if you are looking for a Yarra Valley experience with a difference, then don’t delay, book today and have an adventure you’ll truly remember!


  • Tour operates at the Balgownie Vineyard & Spa Resort
  • Experience riding your Segway in all sorts of terrain
  • Fantastic views of the Yarra Valley
  • Zoom around the magnificent grounds of the resort & vineyard!
  • 60 minutes of fun & adventure
  • Ride a Segway with Time Out Adventures and experience something truly memorable!

  Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions? We've got answers! Everything you thought to ask, and some things you didn't. This is a collection of the most common queries we get on this event from our customers. We recommend you have a read to ensure you're not caught out on the day. If there's anything you're still unsure of, please don't hesitate to contact us.


If you click on the Directions Tab you will find specific details where to find us.


For the Segway Vineyard Adventure you must be at least 12 years of age. In addition to this, riders must weigh at least 42 kgs and not more than 115kgs.


For safety reasons, minors (anyone under the age of 18) must be accompanied by an adult on the tour.


Typically tours operates in groups of 7-8 guests or less per facilitator.


Unless otherwise arranged prior (for larger groups), the group will be split up for safety reasons.


We most certainly can arrange a private tour for your group. Pricing may vary depending on the amount of people due to the fact that the tour is exclusive for your group only.


If you could arrive 10-15 minutes early for your scheduled tour to fill out the necessary paperwork. Each rider will need to sign an liability waiver form and if the rider is under 18, a parent or guardian will be required to sign on their behalf.


All tours include a period of time for training and learning how to master riding these amazing machines. On average approximately 10 minutes of hands-on rider training is included as part of your tour. You will not set off on the tour until you are 'rider ready' and you and your facilitator feel confident you can safely ride through the various terrain you will encounter on the tour.


You are responsible for the Segway whilst it is in your possession. Therefore if you damage someone’s property or injure yourself or someone else, you are responsible for any damages, this includes the Segways. In there is damage to the Segways, you will be required to provide a $750 security deposit by way of credit card. This money will be retained until such time as a quote for the damages is obtained. Once the full costs are known, you will be required to pay these within 7 days.


All tours are in English. We can however organise private rides in other languages if required.


Riding a Segway is pretty easy and you will generally master all the various techniques for riding in various terrains in about 10 or so minutes. The tour itself is classified as medium. It is designed so that you first learn the technique of riding one of these amazing machines and then once the facilitator deems you 'ride ready' you will spend the remainder of your time cruising the beautiful grounds of the Balgownie Estate Vineyard & Spa in the Yarra Valley.


The Segway is designed so that only 1 person at a time can ride it. Therefore you can not ride with young children or double another person.


Unfortunately not. We feel the risk to both child and mother to be to high to allow pregnant women to participate in any Segway tour or ride.


Please refer to the Terms & Conditions tab where we explain in detail our REFUND and CANCELLATION Policy.


Tours will proceed in light rain, there normally is some rain jackets available for you to use, but please check availability, otherwise feel free to bring your own. If it is decided the rain is to heavy, for safety reasons the tour will be rescheduled to another day, if this day is unsuitable for you, we will provide a full refund.


Time Out Adventures is a sales, marketing and booking organisation, we do not provide or operate the Segway Tour or Ride you book. Once you have made your booking you will receive a booking confirmation which will confirm who the operator is for your tour. If however you would like to make changes to your booking such as the times, dates, cancel your service or have any enquiries feel free to contact us on 1300 090 767 and we gladly assist.

  Terms and Conditions

Bookings Terms, Conditions and Acknowledgement:-

  • Time Out Adventures & Entertainment is a sales, marketing and booking agent for Segway Operators that provide rides and tours to the public.  Time Out Adventures is not the operator of these Segway Experiences.
  • If you require changes to your booking, please contact us and we will facilitate this change for you.  Fees may apply
  • The Segway Participant acknowledges and agrees that, upon accepting a Segway experience booking through Time Out Adventures and Entertainment, they Acknowledge that Segway Riding is a dangerous recreational activity within the meaning of the Civil Liability Act (Qld, NSW & Vic) and involves a significant risk of injury, harm or damage and the participant accepts this risk when accepting the booking. If you are under the age of 18, a parent or guardian accepts this Risk on your behalf.
  • Time Out Adventures & Entertainment will not be responsible for any loss, injury or damage incurred or suffered by the participant during the Segway Experience.
  • By accepting a booking for a Segway Experience through Time Out Adventures and Entertainment, the Participant and guardian releases and forever holds Time Out Adventures & Entertainment, their servants, agents and employees harmless from any and all injury, harm or damage, cost, expense or loss including consequential loss suffered by or caused to the Participant or to others as a result of the Participants use or operation of the Segway and or as a result of accepting this booking no matter what the cause or where such injury, harm or damage arises and;
  • By undertaking a Segway Experience booked through Time Out Adventures & Entertainment, the Participant and the guardian will not threaten to make, make, commence, file or bring any demand, claim, court proceedings, application or suit concerning the Segway Experience, rescheduling a booking or any event arising out of either against Time Out Adventures, their servants, agents or employees and if they do then they will indemnify the owners, directors, their servants, agents or employees for and against any order, judgment, decision or decree of the court and the owner’s legal costs and any costs of a court ordered against the owner on the indemnity basis.

Refund Policy

All tours are subject to availability and may be cancelled due to extreme weather conditions or not reaching the minimum numbers required. We will notify you and offer an alternate date and time. If you cancel your booking with less than 48 hours notice, or decide for whatever reason on the day you no longer wish to participate in the tour, no refunds are offered. For cancellations greater than 48 hours notice we will gladly provide a full refund with the exception being any pre-paid vouchers/promotions which are subject to the terms and conditions of the voucher/promotion. If you would like to reschedule your tour for whatever reason a $15 per person re-scheduling fee applies.

Whilst there is no guarantees; if you are running late for a tour please contact us immediately on 1300 090 767 and we will check with the tour operator to see if it is possible for them to wait. If you do arrive late and no prior agreed arrangements have been made and tour training has commenced unfortunately you will not be able to join the tour and no refunds will be available.

Segway Operator Terms & Conditions

The Segway operator for this tour has the following important terms and conditions you agree too when you accept this booking,

  • Duration: 60 minutes (includes training time)
  • You are required to arrive a minimum of 15 minutes early
  • Minimum age 12
  • Minimum weight 42kgs, Maximum weight 115kgs
  • Enclosed footwear is required
  • If you are pregnant, unfortunately you will not be able to participate in the tour as we feel the risk to both child and mother to be too high
  • Riders under 18 require a guardian/parent to also come on the ride.
  • The rider accepts that riding a Segway is a dangerous leisure activity according to the Civil Liability Act (Qld and NSW) and involves a significant risk of injury, harm or damage (physical or mental) to the rider and to others and the rider accepts this risk.
  • All riders are required to sign a rider agreement and agree to be bound by the standard terms and conditions of that agreement
  • The Segway rider acknowledges (a) the existence of and (b) by the rider’s conduct he/she agrees to the terms of the rider agreement
  • Helmets are provided and must be worn
  • You agree to not ride the Segway if intoxicated or under the influence of drugs
  • Included as part of your ride is a hands-on training component (normally up to 10-15 minutes) on how to ride the Segway safely
  • By placing this booking you and others in your group who will be riding the Segway's, accept all risks associated with riding this mechanical device and the various types of terrain and hazards you will encounter; this includes any injury you may suffer, financial loss, damage caused to the machine, injury to other persons or damage to their property