Incredibly Fun Amazing Race Team Building

Looking for a great and unique way to strengthen the bond between you and your colleagues? Our Amazing Race program is a hugely fun action packed team building activity available in Brisbane, Coffs Harbour, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney the Yarra Valley and around Australia! Similar to the hit TV show, teams must compete in a variety of different challenges whilst trying to be the first to the finish line!

How the amazing race event works in building team unity

You are allocated a resource kit with cash, clues, directions, camera, emergency phone number and rules for the day.

Following a brief, the race starts with each team receiving their first clue, then you immediately set-off to complete challenges or locate items on your way to finding the first pit stop which is done by way of the fastest and most effective transport using only the resources in your team’s race kit.

After finding the pit stop, in order to receive the next clue, you will need to complete a detour. A detour is a task that you must choose between two activities – each of which has its pros and cons. As you progress through the race you will also need to complete a road block. A Road-Block is a task that everyone in the team must perform. If you elect not to complete the Road block, a time penalty will be incurred.

Throughout the event, teams are required to observe, photograph, video and complete tasks, failure to do so will result in time penalties which can cost valuable time. As such, careful observation and forethought is required during this amazing race, promoting team building through cooperation.

After completing one final Detour you will receive your final clue with the details to the finish line. The first team across the finish line with all correct and completed mental challenges, and race pack, will be awarded the first place winners’ medals.

This program can also be held in the Yarra Valley, Coffs Harbour, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and beyond, our amazing race is a fantastic activity for team building as it encourages risk taking, improves planning, communication and navigation skills and the ability to follow instructions. Best of all, it’s full of fun and adventure.

Program alternatives to this amazing team building race

We can tailor our Amazing Races to be themed and use alternative formats such as points-based rather than time-based which is a great alternative if members of your team have different fitness levels or carrying injures. Depending on budget we can also incorporate road blocks and detours that include challenges with Segways, Laser Clay, Bridge Climbs, Jet Boats, Kayaks and more.

If you would like to incorporate a charity component to this program where teams need to raise money, collect items on a shopping list or build a bike as part of a pit stop these can also be arranged. There truly are endless ways in which we can tailor this activity to your requirements and budget. Best of all, we’ll come to you to hold a private or corporate team building Amazing Race wherever you are in Australia, from Sydney to Brisbane, Gold Coast to the Yarra Valley, Coffs Harbour, Melbourne and everywhere else.

Minimum and Maximum time required

Minimum Duration: 2 hours

Maximum Duration: 4 hours (depending on the size of the group)

Suggested Minimum and Maximum Group Size

Minimum Group Size: 10

Maximum Group Size: 200+

Activity level and type of group this is suited to

This team building activity is fun, enjoyable and can literally be enjoyed by anyone, whether you’re in Coffs Harbour, Brisbane, Yarra Valley, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne or somewhere else in Australia.


Minimum amount$1,100


  • Equipment inspection, allocation, delivery and setup
  • Program design and documentation
  • Professional facilitators
  • Onsite support, liaison with event planners/co-ordinators
  • Back office support staff
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Sunscreen for duration of program (outdoor events)
  • Comprehensive public liability insurance for up to $20,000,000
  • Scoring and review of the program
  • GST (Goods and Services Tax)


  • Trophies and or prizes (can be arranged upon request)
  • Professional video and photography (can be organised upon request)
  • Experiential learning workshops (available upon request)
  • Accommodation, Food and Transfers



Tropical North Queensland






Sunshine Coast


Hervey Bay



Gold Coast


Central NSW

Northern Rivers

Mid North Coast

Blue Mountains


Hunter Valley

Port Stephens


Port Macquarie

North Coast NSW

Byron Bay



Coffs Harbour


Phillip Island








Yarra Valley











Barossa Valley

Adelaide Hills





We currently run this exciting and fun team building activity in locations like those listed above but we also operate in many other places in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria as we can easily transport this activity and operate it anywhere in Australia. In fact we will travel anywhere, anytime to infuse some fun and adventure into your group, just contact us for more details.


We can tailor any program to suit your requirements, outcomes and of course budget. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a fixed price quote.


We will try to be as flexible with any changes you may have prior to your event.   If you need to cancel your event and it is more than 14 days from the scheduled date and you choose not to reschedule it, we reserve the right to retain 25% of the total fixed price amount or

If you choose to cancel your event and it is less than 14 days from the scheduled event and you choose not to reschedule it we reserve the right to retain 60% of the total fixed price amount or

If you choose to cancel the event on the day for any reason including weather, we reserve the right to retain 100% of the total fixed price amount.