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  Treasure Trove Competition

How to Play Think of your favourite venue (pub/club/hotel/tavern) you want to represent during the competition. You may not always go there, but to play you must nominate a venue to represent Complete the “I’m In Token” Win as many tokens as you can prior to the competition ending Terms & Conditions of Competition To […]

  Online Venue Entertainment Community Inititative

Invitation to join the ONLINE VENUE ENTERTAINMENT initiative! We invite your venue to partner with us & Visual Sounds in a FREE “Online Venue Entertainment” community initiative that will provide your patrons with some of the same “In Venue” entertainment they currently enjoy in your venue but ONLINE streamed LIVE into their living rooms throughout […]

  Boost your profits at the bar!

We have the ultimate entertainment solution in a box for your venue that will boost your profits at the bar, pack your venue and set you apart from your competitors. The Entertainment Suite will transform your entertainment line-up with some great and exciting group games that everyone in your venue can play. It will take […]

  Kickstart your team in 2019!

Start 2019 off with a bang with a fun, exciting outcome based team building or group activity. What better way to unified, motivate and inspire your team then to start the year off with a team building activity that creates a positive shared experience. Research has shown that teams that play together stay together.  Teams […]