About Timeout Group

Our mission

  1. To give you and your group or guests some Time Out from the busyness of day to day life and have some fun, laugh, relax and have a shared positive experience.
  2. Whether it’s activities for those who are holidaying, a corporate group looking to build and mold their teams into a unified cohesive unit or a couple looking to create some special memories at their wedding; our mission is simple, to help create truly memorable experiences.

What makes us special

We endevour to provide our customers with a portfolio of entertainment services, leisure and team building activities that will give them an experience that they can’t stop telling their friends and family about!

We believe there is no better medicine then laughter and no greater relaxant than fun and we guarantee that if you join us on one of our activities that you will be laughing, relaxed, energised and experiencing the fun and adventure in life!

Our mission is to be able to provide something fun and unique for everyone and we look forward to meeting you and together we will have some fun, laughter and adventure!