About Timeout Group

Our mission

  1. To give you and your group or guests some Time Out from the busyness of day to day life and have some fun, laugh, relax and have a shared positive experience.
  2. Whether it’s activities for those who are holidaying, a corporate group looking to build and mold their teams into a unified cohesive unit or a couple looking to create some special memories at their wedding; our mission is simple, to help create truly memorable experiences.

What makes us special

We endevour to provide our customers with a portfolio of entertainment services, leisure and team building activities that will give them an experience that they can’t stop telling their friends and family about!

We believe there is no better medicine then laughter and no greater relaxant than fun and we guarantee that if you join us on one of our activities that you will be laughing, relaxed, energised and experiencing the fun and adventure in life!

Our mission is to be able to provide something fun and unique for everyone, whether they are holidaying with us on a Segway tour or experiencing a corporate team building activity or relaxing and laughing with one of our entertainment options we have something for everyone.

We look forward to meeting you and together we will have some fun, laughter and adventure!

Our History

In 2010 after holidaying in Singapore and riding a Segway for the first time, the founding partners Jason and Ben began Time Out Adventures.

In just two months after Jason had returned from holidaying, Time Out had found a location to operate their Segway tours from, The Novotel Pacific Bay Resort Coffs Harbour and had purchased 10 Segways.

With a desire to provide their guests with exciting and unique activities and services, Time Out quickly expanded it’s portfolio from just Segway’s to a range of other activities that included Laser Clay Target Shooting, Ozbobbles – Walk on Water Balls, Splash Golf, Bopping Heads Video recordings, Action Zone – Giant inflatables for kids and more!

Time Out saw an opportunity to use many of it’s leisure activities and adapt them to the corporate market and began providing a unique offering of Team Building activities. This part of the business quickly grew and Time Out began to offer more and more exciting and unique team building programs for its clients. Today they have over 30 different team building and group programs available to suit any outcome or budget.

In 2012, Time Out expanded and launched into the Queensland market with a new base location at the RACV Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast and also took over the management of the Golf Course and Cafe at the Novotel Pacific Bay Resort in Coffs Harbour.

2013 was a big year for Time Out, it was able to lobby the Queensland government and the rules were changed allowing Segway to be ridden in public. This enabled the company to begin offering Segway tours around the Gold Coast whilst it continued to see growth in both the leisure and corporate markets but there was one more opportunity the company saw and that was the entertainment market.

In keeping with the Time Out ethos, the company realised that there was an opportunity to provide its clients with a unique portfolio of entertainment services as many of their corporate clients were organising functions, events, trade shows and product launches. So Time Out Entertainment was born and a new business partner Glen was brought on board.

In 2014, the company expanded into Victoria, offering a full suite of team building and entertainment options and then in early 2015, Time Out opened to the public an exciting range of leisure activities in which you could come out to the Balgownie Resort Vineyard & Spa in the Yarra Valley and experience something fun for everyone!

In the true spirit of Time Out, they are always looking for ways in which they can adapt and use their products and services in new markets and allow their guests to have some Time Out and enjoy themselves. So they began to offer their unique and exciting game show product QuizXpress into the pubs/club market on a weekly basis. In it’s first 12 months of operation the company added over 18 venues which run the game show on a weekly basis and the number is growing fast.

No sooner was 2016 upon us and Time Out decided it was time to enter the NSW market and acquired The Segway Dude at Mamre House in Western Sydney and Segway Central Coast at the Mt Penang Parklands on the Central Coast. These two new locations now allow Time Out to not only provide leisure activities but also entertainment and team building activities from Canberra to Port Stephens. As 2016, quickly closes upon as, Time Out is in the process of adding its sixth location at The Grange Cleveland Winery in Lancefield Victoria where it will provide many new and exciting leisure activities.

So from humble beginnings in 2010, offering just one service, a Segway Tour; today Time Out operates in six locations around the country. They have a unique portfolio of leisure, team building activities and entertainment services that are able to give thousands of people every year an opportunity to have their own Time Out and have some fun and create some exciting and unique memories.

Time Out is looking forward to 2017 and beyond and we need to say a big thanks to our staff and customers for without them our business would not be where it is today!