It’s the best little pub in the cane fields!

Sit back, relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the dining room as your taste buds go wild with an assortment of dishes using fresh seasonal produce. The menu is designed to suit everyone.

Grab some friends and family and head down to the bar where you can watch the latest sports action before heading into the game lounge for some light entertainment or to place a bet on your favourite horse or team.

It’s a trivia revolution every Thursday!

When it comes to entertainment, Thursday’s come alive at the best little pub in the cane fields with QuizXpress.  It’s the best trivia game show in town.  You’ll play with wireless buzzers, so there is no pens, no paper and no cheating.  It’s high octane trivia, it’s fun, interactive and there are great prizes to win.  So come on down for a drink and something to eat and stay and play QuizXpress.

Crank up the juke box and put on your dancing shoes

Come and select your favourites songs on the Juke box, sit back, relax and knock back a cold drink with friends and maybe event strap on your dancing shoes for a quick dance and when it’s all said and done Don’t drink and drive!  Jump on the Jacobs Well Tavern courtesy bus and they’ll make sure you get home safely.

So come on down to the Jacobs Well Tavern – the best little pub in the cane fields!



  • Great food
  • Courtesy bus
  • Enjoy a relaxing drink at the bar
  • Watch LIVE sports events
  • Fun, interactive and engaging trivia
  • Play and win on the pokies
  • Put on some music and relax with friends