What makes Online Interactive Trivia so popular?

Broadcast LIVE direct into your living room!


We invite you to join with us every Tuesday at 7:30pm AEDST (6:30pm QLD, 7:30pm NSW, VIC, ACT, TAS, 7:00pm SA, 6:00pm NT and 4:30pm WA) as we broadcast LIVE (at predetermined days/times) our fully hosted QuizXpress Interactive Trivia Gameshow directly into living room across the globe from $8.00 AUD.  We currently have players in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UK and France and we invite everyone to join us and let’s see who the Quiz champions are!

QuizXpress it’s a Trivia Revolution

  • No more pens and paper but you’ll use the QuizXpress Smart Buzzer app on your mobile phone to lock in your answers
  • No cheating!  Player responses revealed immediately when all answers are locked in
  • Multi choice answers, diminishing points, countdown clock
  • Fun & Interactive rounds like Trivia Ladder, Jeopardy, It’s a Knockout and more!
  • Dynamic LIVE Scoreboard
  • *Hundreds of dollars in prizes to be won in each Gameshow

Purchasing your Tickets/Vouchers

To purchase your tickets you will need to click here which will take you to the Gift Voucher page which is used to select the amount of tickets and to receive your voucher/tickets number(s). Follow these steps once you are on the Gift Voucher/Tickets page;

  1. Under Generic Gift Voucher section pick either $8, $10 or $12 – Online Trivia Voucher – <Date of event>and then click the Select button  (please not the value of the ticket you purchase is entirely up to you, they all give you 1 entry into the QuizXpress Game Show.  If you can afford $12 then fantastic as this helps ensure we can keep the Gameshow running online each week).
  2. On the next screen just select the number of vouchers/tickets you need based on the amount of mobile phones that will be used to buzz in your answers during the Game Show. Then click the next button
  3. Enter your name and contact details and click the next button
  4. Enter your credit card details and click the Pay Now and confirm your purchase button
  5. Once the payment goes through you will receive an email with the voucher/ticket code(s) which you will need to enter into each mobile phone that will be used to buzz in your answers during the Gameshow.

After you have purchased your voucher/tickets you will receive an email. Once you receive your email don’t worry about the redeeming section as this is only valid if you are buying a voucher for a Time Out Activity like a Segway Tour. You just need the voucher/ticket code(s) and this code is only valid for the date which was stated in step 1.

How to Play

Quiz Buzzers

  1. You will need a separate device such as a tablet, desktop, Apple or Android TV box to watch the broadcast on You Tube or Zoom depending on the Service you are using
  2. At 7:15 pm tune into our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/timeoutadv
  3. Prior to the Gameshow starting download the QuizXpress Smart Buzzer app.  Click here for the Google Play Store and Click here for the Apple App store
  4. Register your nickname for the game and press the connect with PINCODE button
  5. Once the broadcasts starts you will see the PINCODE on the device you are watching the You Tube stream, enter this code and your mobile keypad will appear.
  6. You will then be asked to enter your ticket number which was emailed to you when you purchased your ticket/voucher (it is a 6 digit alpha/numeric code)
  7. Get ready to have some fun and let’s see who the champions will be.

Handicap Rules

  • A player/team that wins two weeks in a row, the next week (3rd) will receive handicap.
    The handicap formula is:
  • The winning team will start with a -150 score
  • If the same team win the next week (3 weeks in a row) then the handicap increases by -50 which means the 4th week they will start with -200.
  • The winning teams’ handicap will continue to increase by -50  until they lose a week.  The following week after losing the team will have their handicap reduced by 50.  This will continue to reverse by 50 each week they lose or until they reach zero or it will increase by -50 if they start winning again.


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  Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • Handicap rules apply to winners to ensure everyone has a chance to win.  Handicap rules are explained below

  • Time Out Entertainment does not guarantee that during the Gameshow you will not incur a delay across the internet.  To minimise your chances of significant delay we recommend you subscribe to the Premium service

  • No refunds are given once you have purchaed your ticket for any reason

  • Time Out Entertainment will use its best endeavours to ensure the accuracy of the content in each Gameshow but does not guarantee an error will not result in a player incurring a point's advantage or disadvantage

  • Time Out Entertainment reserves the right to change the price at any stage for its services