What makes Entertainment Centre for Hotels & Resort so popular?

The Entertainment Centre comes fully equipped with hundreds of hours of interactive and exciting entertainment that allows you to take your information displays (TV’s) that promote your bar, restaurant and facilities turning them into exciting interactive Infotainment displays that not only promote your services but allows you to now engage with your guests in a new and exciting way by offering them the ability to be entertained for hours with a variety of fun and interactive entertainment.

Entertain your guests everywhere with the Entertainment Centre!

With the Entertainment Centre your guests can now be entertained everywhere by creating a playlist of interactive games that can be viewed and played by your guests wherever they are such as;

  • In-room
  • At the bar or restaurant
  • In the foyer
  • Whilst waiting at Check-In or 
  • At the Cafe

Gamify your promotions!

Gamification is a multi-billion dollar industry and people love the fun and competition of playing games.  With the Entertainment Centre you can use the interactive games and mini-game shows to create exciting promotions to drive sales at the bar and restaurant and build brand loyalty.

Offer your guests “LIVE” interactive entertainment

The Entertainment Centre also comes with a variety of exciting Interactive Gameshows that can be used to provide “LIVE” interactive entertainment to keep guests onsite and also draw in the locals therefore increasing revenue at the bar and restaurant.

Conference “Break-Out” session with a difference

With the Entertainment Centre you can now offer clients exciting “Break-Out” sessions by offering them fun and engaging interactive entertainment or create a unique VIP special event and use the interactive Gameshows to create a point of difference.

Exciting & Unique School Holiday Entertainment

When its time for school holidays, offer your guests an exciting and interactive entertainment activity program consisting of Gameshows and Interactive games keeping them entertained for hours.

At the start of every month, new interactive content is automatically added to your Entertainment Centre ensuring you always have fresh and exciting entertainment to offer your guests.

Entertainment Centre offer exceptional value for money!

Silver Package from only *$99 per week
Monthly Inclusions

1 x Weekly 2hr Gameshow
Pick from QuixXpress Interactive Trivia OR
Infusion Gameshow

Mini Gameshows (10 questions per game show & great for promotions)
Select from 60 games

  • 20 x Sale of the Century
  • 20 x Jeopardy
  • 20 x It’s a Knockout

Interactive Games

  • Horse Race
  • Penalty Shootout
  • Cups & Balls
  • High & Low Cards
  • Prize Wheel
  • Randomizer
  • Who’s Got Talent

Gold Package from only *$124 per week

Includes everything that is in the Silver Package plus these additional entertainment services

1 x extra Weekly 2hr QuizXpress Trivia or Infusion Gameshows
Included in package is 1 x QuizXpress Interactive Trivia AND 1 x Infusion Gameshow

Additional Mini Gameshows per month
20 x Millionaire Ladder
20 x Name that Lyric

Platinum Package from only *$159 per week

Includes everything that is in the Gold Package plus these additional entertainment services

1 x Weekly  Trivial Matters (paper based trivia)
*Note* So the Platinum package gives you 3 nights of great entertainment with QuizXpress electronic trivia, Infusion Gameshow and Paper based trivia.


Varingonumbers are out and your favourite songs, pictures and trivia are in!
Select from over 100 types of bingo games

  • Music Bingo
  • Picture Bingo
  • Trivia Bingo
  • Video Bingo
  • Standard Bingo

*Pricing is based on 12 month term


  • Monthly content of interactive games as per the package
  • Entertainment software to play games
  • 50 player/teams license


  • Entertainment Centre Hardware (sold seperately)
  • Tablet or mobile device to control the Entertainment Centre


  • Wireless Keypads
  • Additional Player licenses

  Terms and Conditions

Pricing is a guide only and Time Out Entertainment reserves the right to change its pricing at anytime.  Please contact us to arrange a obligation free quotation based on your needs.