What makes Varingo for Venues so popular?


Differentiate yourself from your competitors with Varingo!

Varingo is a creative spin on Bingo that is modern and fresh that will not only attract the younger demographic but also appeal to the older as well.  Everyone love a game of Bingo, but Varingo is next level!

So what is Varingo? Quite simply, everyone receives a Varingo mystery card just like a Bingo card. But we replace traditional bingo numbers with song names, movie titles or names of famous faces. When you hear the song or watch the movie simply mark it off your card. When you complete two lines shout out “Varingo” and come and collect your prize!

Varingo rounds include:-

The Beats 

Imagine a round of music where teams are laughing, singing and breaking out into spontaneous dancing to their favourite hits from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s and today.  Then add in the knowledge element where players have to know the song title and artists with a bit of luck where you have to have the song title on your card to tick it off in order to win and you have a fun, exciting and challenging round that everyone loves.

Bingo Revolution called Varingo

Box Office Movies –

Everyone loves wathcing their favourite box off hit movie trailers.  In this round, players will watch the trailer, see clues pop-up on the big screen and be entertained.  Players then need to know the movie title and hope it appears on their bingo card to tick it off in order to win the round.  It’s fun, engaging and appeals to a wide demographic.


In this round, players will see a question up on the big screen.  They need to know the answer in order to know whether it is on their mystery card or not.  This is a round of suspense and excitement to see if you can get enough answers correct to mark off you card and win.

Picture Perfect 

In this round you’ll watch a variety of famous faces such as actors, musicians, sportsmen, politicians or it could be picturs of animal breeds like dogs, cats or famous landmarks.  Players will look at the picture and then see if they have the name on their myster card. Cross off four corners of your card and jump out of you seat and yell “Varingo” to win!

With over 12 different variations to the game, such as Emoji’s, traditional bingo balls or many other combinations, one thing is for sure, your patrons will be totally engaged and entertained for hours. So if you are looking for an entertainment program that is about intrigue, skill and a little bit of luck but appeals to a wide audience and will keep people coming back week in and week out then try Varingo.

Mix N Match

Why not Mix N Match your entertainment options to keep your guests interested week in and week out.  Why settle for trivia every week when you can Mix N Match.  Perhaps you want to run trivia three times per month and Varingo on the last week of the month.  At Time Out Entertainment we have a large range of exciting and unique entertainment options that are cost effective, flexible and that will pack your venue and boost your profits.  Click here to see our other entertainment options!



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