QuizXpress at Magpie Sports

Get ready to buzz in and win at Magpie Sport with QuizXpress, the fun, exciting and thrilling pub trivia night!

  When: Every Wednesday at 7:00pm

46 Hampton St, Croydon Park NSW 2133, Australia Show Directions
02 9797 0347
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2 Hours

  What makes QuizXpress at Magpie Sports so popular?

Footy isn’t the only big game being played at the Magpie Sports Club!

Get ready to buzz in and win at Magpie Sport with QuizXpress, the fun, exciting and thrilling pub trivia night! High octane quiz action is in high supply every Wednesday night at 7 pm!

QuizXpress is the brand new modern version of pub trivia that is sure to excite! No longer will you be sitting with your team frantically writing down answers on a piece of A4, QuizXpress gives the team an electronic wireless buzzer! The buzzer gives teams instant feedback on answers so you can track exactly how your team is going. This electrifying pub trivia action is easily one of the best in Australia!

Wireless keypad buzzer used to play trivia

Like all great pub trivia nights, QuizXpress has an amazing and entertaining host running it each week. Our confident host will guarantee laughter and excitement throughout the whole night. They will almost make you feel like you’re on the set at your favourite TV game show!

QuizXpress is free to play and the prizes on offer from Magpie Sport have to be seen to be believed! Our QuizXpress host will also keep you entertained for the whole night and you are welcome to come and go anytime.

So if you’re a mad keen trivia buff or just looking to have a go and win some prizes, come on down to Magpie Sport every Wednesday at 7 pm!

QuizXpress is Australia’s fastest Trivia game! Come down and have some fun. Bookings recommended but not essential.

  Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions? We've got answers! Everything you thought to ask, and some things you didn't. This is a collection of the most common queries we get on this event from our customers. We recommend you have a read to ensure you're not caught out on the day. If there's anything you're still unsure of, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Absolutely, QuizXpress is fun for the whole family!


It is recommended for large groups to book a table. However walk-ups are accepted!