What makes Infusion (Weekly Entertainment) so popular?

Forget paper trivia, poker, bingo, karaoke… Infusion is the hottest game show for all ages!

If you are looking for something to do each week that is new, exciting, totally interactive and a modern day twist on those popular traditional game shows then look no further.

When you come out to play Infusion at one of our local pub, club or taverns, you’ll play the game not with paper or pens but with wireless buzzers.  There is also a live scoreboard so you can see exactly where you stand on the leaderboard at any stage in the game. There is also plenty of laughter, banter and good old fashion fun.

When you play infusion you’ll experience rounds such as:-

  • Jeopardy – The ultimate risk vs reward trivia round. How many points is your team willing to risk that they know the category question.
  • Sale of the Century – Just like the popular game show, teams will use their wireless keypads to be first team to buzz in. If they answer correctly they get the points and everyone else misses out. Fun, exciting and very interactive.
  • Team Feud – Just like family feud, can your team maximise its points by guessing what the most popular polling responses where to the questions we asked the public.
  • Wheel of fortune – Spin the wheel and answer the phrase question correctly and not only win some points but prizes too (optional).
  • Millionaire Ladder – This is just like “Who wants to be a millionaire” but teams will need to answer a series of trivia questions correctly to climb the ladder to get the points, answer incorrectly and you go down the ladder and risk losing points.
  • Majority Rules – In this round, we’ll asks teams questions like “What is the one thing women do better than men?” If your teams answer to these questions is the same as the majority of the other teams answers your team takes the points.
  • Plus much more such as Lyrical Line-Up, Price is Right, Picture Perfect, Name that Lyric and It’s a Knockout!

Other Highlights

  • Diminishing points make for excitment as the longer your team deliberates and then buzzes in their answers the less points that are available be won.  So teams are rewarded for quick thinking and decision making!
  • Play a variety of different games such as Cups & Balls, Horse Race, Wheel of Fun and Penalty Shootout.

People jumping out of their seat to be the fasest finger, it’s engaging and electric!

Infusion truly is the ultimate game show experience after all who doesn’t love playing those old classic TV game shows!  Infusion really is electric, interactive and totally engaging!  So grab the family or some friends and head on down to one of our local pubs, clubs or taverns and exerience the hottest game show in town!

  Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions? We've got answers! Everything you thought to ask, and some things you didn't. This is a collection of the most common queries we get on this event from our customers. We recommend you have a read to ensure you're not caught out on the day. If there's anything you're still unsure of, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Unless specified it is FREE to play.


Teams can be anywhere from 1 to 6 players. If you have more than 6 players in your team we encourage you to form two teams for a little friendly competition.


We strongly recommend that you ring the venue in advance and book your table to guarnatee your spot. Some venues are packed and unless you book you could miss out!


Click on the Where is it On tab to find a venue near you!

  Infusion (Weekly Entertainment): Now playing at a venue near you!

Presently we hold this activity at various locations. Simply pick one from the map and see when the next event is on. If you can't find a location that suits, don't worry, simply contact us for more details as we're adding new locations all the time and may have something that suits!