inFusion at Alstonville Plateau Bowls

Tuesday's come alive at the Alstonville Plateau Bowls with QuizXpress, it's a trivia revolution! It's just like a TV gameshow where your team will receive a wireless buzzer to lock in your answers and then you'll play exciting rounds like Fastest finger, Last Team standing, Jeopardy, Millionaire Ladder and more!

  When: Every Wednesday at 6.30pm

Alstonville Plateau Bowls & Sports Club, Deegan Drive, Alstonville NSW, Australia Show Directions
(02) 6628-0497
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2 hours

  What makes inFusion at Alstonville Plateau Bowls so popular?

It’s a pub game show revolution!

Come on down every Tuesday to the Alstonville Plateau Bowls for a trivia revolution!  It’s high octane trivia at its best.  It’s just like a TV game show where your team will receive a wireless buzzer to lock in your answers.

inFusion is inspired by TV game shows we all know and love! You will be immersed in rounds from  Family Feud, Don’t Forget the Lyrics and of course Sale of Century! Your entertaining and experienced host will guide you through the night and keep you laughing all night long!

The game show starts off with everyone being able buzz in their answer and score points but then it get more and more exciting where teams will face-off to see who will be the last team standing.  If you answer incorrectly early in the round you are eliminated but keep answering correctly and your team will score maximum points.  Does your team have what it takes to be the last team standing?

Throughout the game show, you’ll have several opportunities to double and triple your points and can even decide how many points you are willing to risk that you can get the next answer correct to really maximise your points and leap-frog from the competition.

inFusion is fun, exciting and a totally interactive trivia game show.  So grab some friends and make a night of it each Tuesday at the Alstonville Plateau Bowls club, where you can grab some great food, relax with a drink and play the best trivia game show in Alstonville.


  Terms and Conditions


Game Code of Conduct

To ensure fair play for all players each game show will have the following Players code of conduct implemented.

  • All mobile phones must be put away during round play
  • No cheating, no colluding between teams on answers
  • Electronic devices of any kind are not permitted to procure answers
  • The hosts decision is final on an answer or points and there is to be no arguing
  • Handicaps are used where applicable to create a fair play environment
Not following the code of conduct will result in teams forfeiting their buzzers, points and prizes!